Sometimes it feels as though you just need that extra bit of advice or support with a problem, and waiting for NHS community services can be frustrating. We therefore offer a responsive, single-case service to support you to make improvements in the areas in which we specialise.

For example, there may be a complex moving & handling, seating or mobility issue that requires a specialist opinion. Or you may need advice or support with regard to a specific service-user, to position them to reduce tone and contractures, or to position them for the prevention of pressure sores. You may need advice regarding the appropriateness of positioning aids, wheelchairs, mobility aids or splinting, or you may need support with service-users who have respiratory needs (e.g. COPD, or a tracheostomy).

Risk assessments and capacity assessments are included as part of this service.

Please call us to discuss each case or scenario.

Price Info:

Cost From £90 Per Single Case

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Wheelchairs & Seating - Wheelchairs and seating can be confusing as there are many different chairs available and it is often difficult to decide what is best for each service-user to give optimum comfort, support and mobility.

We have knowledge of seating and wheelchairs that can help your service decide on appropriate seating systems.

We can, for example, audit your service to determine whether the best seating is being offered to each service-user or establish whether a ’bed-bound’ service-user can be out of bed. We can make appropriate referrals to wheelchair services or sign-post to other companies who provide seating.


Moving & Handling can be very complex and with strict legislation, it is important to ensure that risks of falls or injuries are minimised.

We offer audits of moving and handling equipment and practices within your service, as well as staff competency assessments.

We can carry out audits to establish whether slings and aids are being used appropriately and, where necessary, we can offer advice with regard to improving practices in order that service-users are moved safely and effectively.


Checking the appropriateness and safety of mobility aids is important in the prevention of unnecessary falls, whilst at the same time ensuring service-users are enabled to be as independent and active as possible.

We can show a designated staff member how to audit the safety of mobility aids, to ensure that this area of your service remains safe on an ongoing basis.

We can also audit falls risk assessments to ensure they are accurate, responsive and proactive and, therefore, that people in your service are cared for as safely as possible.

Price Info For Courses:

Cost From £360 Per Half Day One Day

(3 Hours Audit Plus One Hour Report)